Far Cry 5 Review

far cry 5 review

Games, especially video games are now not only a medium to drive away boredom, but also a medium to earn a good amount of money. There are different platforms where you can stream, and can get a good audience. There are tons of games to start with and far cry is a good option to start with.

In this article, I’ll be reviewing this game. Not only we’ll review this game but also, I’ll share some interesting facts and trivia about this game. So without any further delay let’s kick start with our topic and take a look at the far cry 5 review.

far cry 5 review

Far Cry 5 Introductory Storyline

This game was launched by Ubisoft in 2018 and instantly became popular because of its interesting plot. The developers were Ubisoft Montreal and Ubisoft Toronto. The far cry 5 is a AAA game that falls under the far cry franchise.

The genre of the game is a story-survival game. You have to fight through the missions and terrains to complete and every edition comes with a different map. far cry 5 is also one with a unique map and story.

The game comes with a Unique storyline, that’ll make you play the game more.

After the launching of far cry 5, they launched a sequel, so let’s take a look at it before going into the actual far car 5 review.

The story starts with three people sitting and talking about the Eden gate, that there is a gang and the gang leader is Joseph Seed, Christian doomsday. He claims that he heard god’s voice and God warned him by saying that the world is coming to an end, and The world will get destroyed. The main motive of Joseph Seed was to assign these people to his cult. The people who denied joining his cult kidnapped those people. Next, the scene changes, and the scene sets in a helicopter. There are five people in the helicopter. Two are our leaders and three are the team members.

far cry 5 review

Details About The Game

One leader in the U.S Marshall, named Deputy Cameron Burke, and the other leader is Earl Whitehorse. The other three members are Joey Hutson, Staci Pratt, and you (the one who is playing), the junior deputy, Rookie.  These five people are set on a mission to arrest Joseph Seed. So the helicopter lands in front of the Eden Church Gate. Earl Whitehorse, who is another leader of the team, tried to convince the U.S Marshall, Burke to change his decision and not to arrest Joseph Seed as he knew him for a long time, but the U.S Marshall had no choice as he had orders from the court. Burke, denied his proposal, and the helicopter landed in front of the Eden Church gate.

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The moment they entered the church, they saw Joseph Seed was addressing the People standing there, that God told him that the World is coming to an end. Earl stopped Burke and took the responsibility to talk with Joseph, but Burke ignored him completely and showed him the arrest warrant. Joseph beforehand told his gang that some people will come and take him, and as the team members proceed to arrest him, his gang tried to resist. But Joseph surrendered and the team members arrested him.

The story proceeds more but as this is mainly a far cry 5 review article, so I’m keeping it short and just an outlined version for you all.

But before proceeding, as you can guess Joseph Seed is the main antagonist of this game, along with his two brothers, Jacob Seed and John Seed. Jacob Seed is the older brother and John Seed is the younger brother. He has a sister, Faith, who is adopted.

Jacob Seed trains the cult members and John Seed is a lawyer who brings members to this cult team. Faith has the power to hallucinate and manipulate her opponents and they obey her and do the job at whatever she assigns them.

Now moving on to the review portion.

far cry 5 review

Far Cry 5 Review

This game comes with its big space and possibilities. The game is set up with an open map and you can explore more in this field. The game has a vast storyline but at some point in time, it will feel the same because of the way it is been directed. Also, the game is a package of explosions, animal attacks, and interesting enemies with unique characters.

The graphic is top-notch and the way they presented the lighting here, is really surprising. Here you get the role of the Sheriff’s deputy. He is assigned to a task with force in Hope County, which is in Montana. The area is designed with numerous caves, forests, lakes, and mountains. Once you complete a mission and increase your resistance, the second you’ll be assigned to defeat dangerous enemies who will try to bring you down at all costs.

More Significant Details

The game has a significant storyline and you won’t get that fantasy game vibes from this game. The healing process of this game is different than other games. You only need to fix your bones and stretch to heal. The most interesting part is when you encounter the members of the Seed family. The graphic, their role, and their aura create an adventurous and scary environment.

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The game has a vast collection of weapons and characters. You’ll explore more when you’ll start playing. You can get hooked to the game but you can also get bored at some positions especially when you encounter some goofy characters.

The ending isn’t that satisfactory according to me, but it may vary according to you. The hassle before the ending is quite repelling.

Now let’s take a look at some facts about this game.

Some Facts About Far Cry Review

This game is a world map open game so you can have the independence to visit anywhere. But there are some unknown facts about this game that can help you speed your process to the finale.

  1. There are Historical inspired events in the game and many events that are inspired by real life.
  2. You can make animals your friend and they can help you out with missions and do a lot of work for you.
  3. Airdrop skills can help you fly and locate different places and you can unlock this by just having 10 points which are going to help you a lot.
  4. When traveling in a car you can listen to any pop culture music depending on the location you driving.
  5. Far cry 5 was the first game to take place in the US.
  6. Hope County is just an illusion.
  7. The development team spent weeks discovering the mountains of Montana to give the game a realistic feel.
  8. Rick Alan Ross researched the Cult culture before designing the cult team.

Final Thoughts

Like the other open-world games, this game is also great. It can get repetitive sometimes but at least it’s a good game. You can explore this game a lot and I assure you that you’ll enjoy playing this game. In my opinion, Far cry 5 is much more polished and great than Far cry 3 or Far cry 4. It has got good reviews throughout and also negative reviews but without relying on any of them blindly if you are into this, you can try playing the game.

The article is written in lucid language to make it easier for everyone to understand. I hope it was relevant to your search. Let us know your thoughts on this.


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