Top brands that offer keto friendly fast food menu items

keto friendly fast food

Keto diet proves to be efficient in reducing body weight and cholesterol, and the derived advantages of eating low sugar and carbohydrates. However, it is not possible to get by for a long time with chicken and vegetables. We tend to crave our comfort food. Here are the top keto friendly fast food items that you can eat from top brands when you do so.

El Pollo Loco’s keto friendly fast food items

El Pollo Loco is one of the new names to enter into the trend of keto friendly fast food. It introduced several new items that are keto-friendly. Top choices are double chicken and Queso Fresco, double chicken with avocado, and double chicken with mango. These come with fire-grilled meat serve with red cabbage, lettuce, and spinach. The mango variety is not strictly keto but falls under the paleo diet.

Chipotle’s keto friendly fast food bowl

Chipotle did not introduce new items for keto friendly fast food menu. It instead introduced the swapping system. Choose any Chipotle bowl and replace the beans and rice with greens. If you wish, you can add guac to get more fat for your diet or queso for flavor. It is also better to swap corn salsa with tomato salsa.

In – N – Out’s keto friendly fast food burger

Burgers are one of the major fast food items that we miss. The almond flour bun and bread might look like regular bread but do not taste. In- N – Out has come up with a trendy keto friendly fast food option, where you can replace the bun with lettuce. If you think such a swap makes it too much of vegetables covering a small patti, you can pick the secret item, ‘Flying Dutchman.’ Flying Dutchman is two patties with thick slices of cheese in the middle. Protein and cheese combination makes the perfect keto item. If you want to follow strict keto, it is best to forgo the sauces and stick with mayo.

Jersey Mike’s keto friendly options

Jersey Mike brought the new revolution of subs without buns. If you are choosing keto, there are a lot of options for you here. The best are cold cuts, BLT, Philly cheesesteak, and others. However, the chipotle chicken, BBQ beef, and teriyaki are not keto, as they have surprisingly higher sugar content.

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KFC’s keto friendly bucket

Chicken is keto, but the batter contains more carbohydrates adding 11 grams of carbs in one piece. However, the brand has a few keto options if you wish to dine here. The Kentucky grilled chicken or any item with grilled chicken and without buns would be a good choice. If you wish to add sides, go with green beans. It is best to stick with plain mayo than other sauces.

Burger King’s keto whooper

Burger King does not have keto friendly food options on its menu. But, you can skip the sauces and buns and choose the burgers. You can also go for the Bacon King, the variety with two patties covering too much bacon and a healthy amount of cheese.

Panda Express into Keto

If you are into strict keto, you should stay away from Panda Express. However, if you are ready to forgo your diet a little, this is a good option. Swap the chow mein and rice with non-starchy vegetables to reduce the carbs. You can also try the Super Green, introduced by Panda Express. It is a dish of cabbage, kale, and broccoli with garlic. The most low-carb protein dishes are the string bean chicken and teriyaki chicken. Remember that the ginger glaze has carbs. So, moderation is vital here.

Popeyes for the strict keto dieters

The blackened chicken tenders of Popeyes have 2g of carbs but is one of the best items to choose from the menu. You can choose any of the chicken fried without batter, and you have got your keto meal. The green beans with bacon is also a good choice. Remember to add the Louisiana hot sauce without worrying about carbs. Popeyes is one of the top in this list to have quite a variety for keto dieters.

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Subway – the healthy food chain

Subway is already into healthy eating. It is one of the first fast food chains to incorporate healthy options. Remember that even the healthiest sub is not keto if it has the buns. Choose the salad varieties with BLT, cold cuts, tuna, club, and others. Even though meatballs are protein, it is not keto. The same goes for most of the dressings and sauces.

Hardee’s &Carl’s Jr. brings keto wrap

Recently, the brand introduced the lettuce wrap. As the name indicates, it replaces the wrap with crispy lettuce. It also adds guac and bacon for taste. If you are looking for a spicy version without adding sauces, you can try the jalapeno one. You can also swap the bun for lettuce in any menu item.

Taco Bell – keto menu bowl

Taco Bell is famous for its carb-filled items that are both tasty and packed with calories. If you plan a low-carb diet, choose the power bowls, and replace the rice and beans with more protein, guac, and lettuce. You can also make your bowl with your combination of proteins, cheese, greens, sour cream, and more. If you are planning to choose from the breakfast options, pick any item without tortillas and potatoes.

Jack In The Box brings keto-appropriate meals

If you could avoid sourdough bread and the bun, the keto options are endless in Jack In The Box. Remove the bread, everything else in it is keto friendly. If you are looking for breakfast options, choose the country scrambler option and avoid potatoes in it. Grilled chicken salad is the best for keto diets.

Apart from these, you can find similar options with Wendy’s, Arby’s, and more. While choosing low carb items from the fast food menu, it is best to avoid sugary condiments, sauces, and especially the fries and drink.

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