Types of Tea – Common Varieties of Tea to Keep at Home

types of tea

Tea is one of the most common hot beverages of our country. If you have a sore throat you have tea. If you have a bad mood then too you have tea. In a line tea not only makes our taste buds happy but also gives out soul a jump of joy. While most of the people keep having the same basic kinds of tea there is an array of available teas that will blow your mind. All the types of tea originate from the Camellia Sinensis plant. However, the differences among various types of tea come from the difference in the method of processing them, their growing condition and their geographical location.

Different types of tea

There is a huge variety of teas that you can try but for that you need to have a basic idea about different types of tea. Read on to learn about how many kinds of teas are available for you to taste and their benefits.

Black tea

This is one of the most commonly used types of tea. It is a very flavorful tea and are oxidized for longer hours than the oolong or green teas. Therefore, it creates better taste and stronger smell. When you are having black tea, you can expect to get a rich taste and deep color that can be anywhere in between deep black to deep red.


The various benefits of black tea include its power to reduce the chances of getting affected by strokes. It also helps in balancing the proportion of cholesterol in an adult body. Having black tea on a regular basis can also help you to bring your blood pressure level down. The caffeine content of a cup of black tea is a bit lesser than a cup full of coffee.

Green tea

Green tea is a traditional Chinese tea. The are made from leaves that do not get oxidized as long as the leaves of black tea. Therefore, the flavors coming out of green teas range between seaweedy to toasty or earthly. The color will be somewhat greenish though at times it might look like a shade of yellow.


There is a number of benefits that can be availed from a cup of green tea. It helps in increasing metabolism and lowers the level of cholesterol. As an additional benefit, your chances of getting affected by heart diseases can also be leveled down by green tea. The caffeine content in a cup of green tea is equal to half a cup of coffee.

Oolong tea

The basic plant of oolong tea is same as that of green and black tea. However, unlike those two teas, oolong tea is semi-oxidized. It is then rolled that gives the tea its signature shape. The tea could be brownish or greenish in color and the flavors of the tea cover a wide range.


Though mush research has not been done on oolong tea, it is said that it can help with diabetes. Having oolong tea can reduce the chances of your getting affected by diabetes. Moreover, there are a bunch of antioxidants present in this tea. It adds to the health benefits of oolong tea. There is some caffeine in this tea but the quotient is lesser then black tea.

White tea

White tea is not oxidized and is similar to green tea in this aspect. However, the flavor of white tea is mellower and lighter than black or green tea. The color of the white tea is a dim yellow shade.


If you drink white tea on a daily basis then you can dodge the chances of getting attacked by various cardiovascular diseases. Besides that, the antioxidants of white tea help in the betterment of your skin and produces in cells as well. The caffeine content of the tea varies and is generally lesser than other types of teas.

Pu’erh tea

This is another Chinese tea that is fermented by using age old tea leaves. The taste of pu’erh tea varies but generally there are mature and smooth flavors.


Having pu’erh tea on a daily basis will help you to get your digestive system better. There are also many anti-inflammatory properties of this tea that helps in reducing joint aches. Mental alertness can be improved by this tea. The caffeine content of this tea varies but it is never more than a cup of coffee.

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Herbal teas and their benefits

Herbal teas have been going around for ages. Despite of the name these herbal teas are actually not teas. Herbal teas do not come from the plant Camellia Sinensis and originates from flowers, dried fruits, herbs or species.

This consists to the wide range of taste that herbal teas offer. The various types of herbal teas and their benefits are mentioned below.

Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea is a well-known herbal tea that has calming properties. The other benefits of this tea include helping in premenstrual symptoms and controlling blood sugar and blood lipid level. The insulin level of an adult can also be balanced by regularly having this tea.

Ginger tea

Ginger tea is mostly known for helping with nausea and various researches have shown that ginger tea genuinely helps in such cases. There have also been studies that show ginger tea helps in reducing period pain. The tea also offers benefits to patients with diabetes.

Peppermint tea

Peppermint tea helps in relieving the various problems of the digestive system. It has also been proven that regularly having peppermint tea can help with nausea, spasms, cramping and stomach pain.

Echinacea tea:

Echinacea tea is mainly used for preventing the duration of common cold. However, there are some conflicting views of this effect of the tea. There have been contradictory results and yet the positive results cannot be overlooked.

Hibiscus tea

If you have high blood pressure then besides having medications you can have hibiscus tea as well. This tea helps in reducing blood pressure level and also alleviate stress. However, make sure the tea does not clash with your medication as some medicines cannot be taken with hibiscus tea. You should ask your physician for proper advice on this.

Sage tea

Various studies have proven that sage tea improves the cognitive function as well as memory. The tea also helps in enhancing the heart condition and the health of the colon.

Rooibos tea

Studies have recently begun on rooibos tea. The results show that the tea might help in improving the health of the bones and lessen the chances of heart diseases. However, nothing can be said with certainty as there have been very few studies on this.

Lemon balm tea

There have been some studies on lemon balm tea that shows that the tea might help with improving the levels of antioxidants and take care of the skin and heart. This tea can also help in destressing you and help your anxiety level.

Passionflower tea

If you have anxiety and suffer from insomnia then you can try passionflower tea. Studies have proven that this tea helps in reducing anxiety levels and helps in increasing sleep.

Rosehip tea

The Vitamin C quotient of rosehip tea is high and there are enough antioxidants in the tea. The anti-inflammatory properties of this tea can also help in reducing arthritis pain and inflammation. There are also anti-aging properties of this tea that helps in making your skin look younger. If you want to get rid of unwanted belly fat then also you can try this tea as it has fat reducing properties as well.

Health benefits of tea

Given the fact that one can enjoy tea both hot and cold, it is extremely popular as a beverage. Hot tea is more commonly taken than cold tea. However, besides serving as a delicious beverage there are various health benefits of tea. It can help your body in many ways and help you to remain fit. The primary positive things about tea are mentioned below that help in enhancing your health condition.

Rich in antioxidants

Antioxidants helps in preventing the rust of the body and thus works towards keeping on individual young. They also protect one from the severe damage that pollution does to the body. White teas are high on antioxidant and you can get your share by having them regularly. White tea is less processed than green or black tea and thus contains more helpful antioxidants.

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Reducing chances of stroke

Various studies have shown that teas help in improving the health of the heart and thus reduce the chances of getting attacked by stroke. Heart diseases can also be controlled by having teas like green tea or matcha tea. Teas also help with maintaining the levels of cholesterol and thus keep the body fit and fine.

Only having tea will of course not give you all these benefits. But if you follow a proper diet and have green or matcha tea as well, then surely you will get the best results.

Lesser caffeine content

Herbals teas do not contain any caffeine as thy get produced from herbal elements like dried fruits and flowers.  While the original teas do contain caffeine, they are almost 50% lesser in quotient than what a cup of coffee contains. This means, you can consume tea to your heart’s content without having to worry about caffeine intake.

If you are trying to change your drinking habit from coffee to tea then you can start with Teeccino as the flavor of the tea is somewhat like coffee. You will thus get the same taste minus the high caffeine. Moreover, Teeccino is a chicory root tree that helps in reducing stress. It is also a prebiotic element and will be beneficial for your digestive system.

Beneficial for bones

There have been studies that have shown that teas have positive effect on bone health. There is a kind of tea named as the Moringa tea that comes from the Moringa plant. Also, there are more calcium in it than milk and it is also rich in Vitamin K and A and iron as well. It would thus help you to keep your bones stronger and healthier.

Helping in weight loss

Though research in this particular field is not very strong but some teas do help in weight loss. However, the results depend on the amount on tea you are consuming and on what frequency. The type of tea is also a deciding factor in this aspect.

Boosting the immunity system

Another one of the various benefits of tea is that it helps in keeping the immune cells healthier and thus enhance the immunity system. Holy basil and tulsi tea are especially known for their high antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties. These properties help in making the immunity system stronger and thus help in times of illness or injury.

These are the primary types of tea their benefits that one needs to be aware of. Besides the mentioned benefits, tea often helps in battling caner and to keep the teeth healthy. Having herbal tea on a daily basis will also help one to keep his digestive system better and stronger. People suffering from problems of indigestion should have herbal tea rather than the common favorite milk to.

However, make sure you are not consuming an unhealthy amount of tea on a daily basis. Over consumption of tea might lead to adverse effects. If you are on any kind of medication then you should consult with your doctor before having any particular kind of tea. Some teas do not go with certain medications and it is better to seek expert advice before doing any kind of experiment.

Keep enjoying the various types of tea and benefit your health along with it. Make sure to avoid excessive sugar while preparing your tea as then it would ruin the benefits. You should have pure tea and preferably without sugar to get the best out of having tea.

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