Foods That Induce Labor Naturally & Effectively!

Foods That Induce Labor

Being a mom is not easy, and being pregnant is the most hard time as well. It is a happy feeling mixed with a lot of emotions as well. Carrying a baby for 9 months, feels forever and here in some tips you can induce labor with some of the food items. It’s a matter of 40 weeks or more or even less. It depends person to person. But if you have already had your share of waiting, but you still haven’t realized any pain or contractions then you can induce labor through different methods. There are quite different ways, by eating some foods that might trigger it or exercising.  In this article, I’ll share some foods that induce labor. So without blabbering further let’s just get forward with our topic.

Foods That Induce Labor

There are certain food items that might come handy in situations like this. If you are nearing at your due date and you are getting bit of impatient then this method might work for you. At most cases labor occurs naturally and you don’t need to work on that. But in some cases it might take longer to show any signs of labor and during those emergencies you can use this method. Pregnancy is a joyous ride and each moment is precious and the wait is more precious. Let’s now talk about the foods that induce labor if your due date is already around.

Foods That Induce Labor

1. Pineapple

The most common and the most popular food item that helps in Inducing Labor is pineapple. The idea of eating pineapple to induce labor is not new. People have been doing it and they claim that it really works. Make sure you eat fresh pineapple to make this actually work. There is an enzyme in pineapple known as ‘Bromelain’ that helps in inducing Labor. There’s another enzyme known as . These helps in softening the cervix and that induces labor. Well, there is not much evidence to back up the statement but people claimed that it worked for them.

2. Papaya

Raw papaya or cooked papaya is well known for inducing labor as well. There is a specific substance present in papaya that helps in this. Though the main problem with eating papaya is especially raw papaya, it is difficult to digest. There is a milky textured latex that generally helps in labor.

3. Dates

We all love dates right? But it has a different effect on you when you are pregnant. Dates are known to increase cervical dilation if you consume it daily during your pregnancy. Though dates come with a lot of good quality in it as well. It is quite nutritious and rich in fiber as well. Though it also helps in arrival of labor. Each 3-4 dates and it can cause labor. You will notice strong contractions in your uterus.

4. Cumin

Cumin seeds are known to have natural digestive properties and carminative properties in it. But to your shock, it can also help in the arrival of your labor. You need to soak some cumin seeds in water and drink it in order to experience contractions. More so, you need to cut down on the consumption of cumin throughout your pregnancy. You can also drink cumin tea and add a bit of honey as a natural sweetener.

Foods That Induce Labor

5. Cohosh (Black)

There are different types of cohosh available but remember to use only black cohosh and not any other. Cohosh is an age old natural medicinal herb that was used to treat various problems related to menstruation, menopause, pregnancy and all. This medicinal herb helps in estrogen production which is naturally produced in one’s body.  Naturally before any medicine arrived, cohosh was used to induce labor. You should not use any other cohosh except black one.

6. Raspberry Leaf

Another great item is raspberry leaf which can be included in the list of foods that induce labor. It works extremely effectively and is advised to use as well. It is said that raspberry leaf tones and strengthens the uterus. You can also reduce your chances of post term pregnancy, if you drink this red raspberry tea everyday starting from your 32 week. Also make a tea with you and do not take raw anything.

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7. Black Licorice

This is a very popular ingredient in making your Labor appear early. Liquorice or Licorice has the capability to stimulate production of prostaglandins due to the presence of chemical glycyrrhizin in it. Remember not to take this in an extent as this may result in stomach problems as well. This results in contraction as usual due to its nature.

8. Eggplant

A very loved and a common vegetable that is enjoyed by a lot of people. Resources suggests, that eggplant parmesan, a mouth watering dish that enjoyed by pregnant women have sent them into labor. According to them, a nice plate of baby parmesan eggplant have sent them to labor. This suggests, that eggplants can also trigger a labor when consumed correctly.

9. Spicy Food

If you love spicy foods then this your chance to Ace your goal. Sounds funny right? According to the sources and records, spicy foods can trigger labor as well. Well, according to me, you should contact your doctor before ordering something super spicy. Though you can consume regular curries if prepared well.

10. Garlic

Garlic is known to stimulate bowel movements. As it cleans the stomach, and it also makes the road clear for labor and the next procedure to take place. This induces the process naturally.

11. Evening Primrose Oil

This contains a special element known as Omega 3 fatty acid, accompanied with gamma linolenic acid. This helps in softening the cervix and this again induces labor. This is a great thing for this purpose as it contains Prostaglandin properties as well. Most people take it orally but you should keep in mind that it has blood thinning properties which can likely result in post partum hemorrhage. Do not use it vaginally instead you can use a bit orally to induce labor. That works better.

12. Cheese

Yes, cheese as well is included on the list of foods that induce labor. There are different variants of cheese but the one you should go for is cream cheese. Cream cheese works great when it comes to the labor. Give it a try as some people claimed that it is a secret ingredient that worked for them and might work you as well.

13. Salad

This salad is also known as maternity salad and it works fine as well. Maternity salad is so great that mom’s gave birth just after munching on it. It’s specially made for pregnant women and people really enjoy eating this as well.

Other methods that can Induce Labor

1. Sex

Sex can induce labor as well according to the research. You might wonder how ? Well, orgasms release oxytocin which again helps in uterus contractions. Accordingly, three orgasms in an hour can do the work properly. Another theory says that semen contains a substance which is known as prostaglandin, which again helps in preparing the cervix for labor. You can also try for an orgasm without an intercourse if that’s uncomfortable for you.

2. Walking

Try walking small steps as it says that it can also induce labor. The more effective one is curb walking.

How to Ease Labor?

When the due date arrives it gets exciting and also a nervous moment for the mamas. They experience a roller coaster ride experience precisely. It is said that mother’s experience so much pain during labor that it equals to a pain of a heart attack! Though there are methods excluding medicines to help you ease your labor pain. Even there are certain exercises and breathing techniques that you can acquire to ease your labor pain.

Every woman experiences different types of labor pain so you can’t comprehend the pain or the type properly like that. Though before taking any medicine, you should definitely consult your doctor or healthcare provider. This is really important as you should not just gulp on any medicine impulsively go get rid of that pain. Lets now take a look at the various ways you can acquire to ease labor pain –

  • Rhythmic Breathing

This is an excellent way that helps you ease your labor pain. Breathe fully and slowly during labor pain. You can even try this method during any kind of pain, works great honestly. Release tension. Another great way to ease pain is moaning. You might have noticed we generally moan a bit when we get really sick. Moaning helps as well.

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Learn the techniques before time arrives so that you can apply it when needed.

  • Music

Music is known to relief stress and works therapeutically as well. You can listen to slow, melodious music slowly to ease your labor pain. Some also shared that slow paced, relaxing music helped them get few minutes sleep as well. You cannot drive away the pain completely but you can ease the pain a bit.

  • Warm Shower

Hot showers and hot bag as well can ease your pain. Use hot water that bearable and relaxing. That can soothe your body and can relax your muscles as well. The pain is caused by muscle contractions, so if the muscles relax, you will feel much better.

  • Acupressure

Another traditional way to get relief from excessive pain is trying out acupressure. It increases urine contraction. Pinch the fleshy part of your hand between the thumb and index finger. Though a quick disclaimer, do not use this before you go into labor.

  • Yoga

You can do short yoga to even relax your muscles and ease pain.

Foods That Induce Labor

How to Prepare yourself for Labor?

There are two most commonly used methods. You can try any of these methods to prepare yourself.

1. The Bradley Method

This method generally includes a greater participation of the father as a ‘birth coach’. This method generally focuses on the well-being of the child and the mother. The health of the child and the mother is highly focused here. A good nutritious diet and bit exercise is done everyday. The birth includes a medication free journey which is extremely good for the mother and the baby as well. It only includes medicines during emergencies.

2. Lamaze Method

This is a education that is widely popular in the US. This is a philosophy that teaches women to be extremely confidence and go ahead with a positive approach in the journey. How to decrease labor pain and all. They provide classes on breathing techniques, different massaging techniques and so on.

Other ways to get rid of labor pain

  1. Hypnosis
  2. Distracting the mind by doing something else
  3. Light massages
  4. meditation

These are some of the ways to induce labor and to ease labor pain as well. Whenever you feel that the pain is getting dense and unbearable you need to contact your healthcare provider. Do not gulp on any medication or anything before consulting your doctor. As a disclaimer the other food products mentioned in this article needs to be discussed with your doctor to see if any food items you are allergic to.

The labor pain is generally experienced in the abdominal area, back area and also in the thighs as well. The pain is caused by muscle contractions and also by the uterus which generally forms a great pressure on the cervix. These contractions keep coming.

Conclusive Insights

You need to keep a track of your journey and also keep a contact of a healthcare provider handy. You never know when the time arrives. It is necessary for you to stay alert and also stay calm during the time. Motherhood is a blessing and a great feeling as well. Don’t forget to enjoy the ride.

I tried keeping this article about foods that induce labor quite informative and lucid as well. Hopefully, this article was relevant to your hunt and provided you the adequate information that you were looking for. Comment down below if you have any query or share your experience. Subscribe to our newsletter for more such useful and interesting content. Till the next time take care.

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