Tourist Places in Jaipur- Places That You Cannot Miss at All

tourist places in jaipur

No excursion to Jaipur is finished without touring. Rajasthan’s capital has some great spots to see. A large portion of them is of authentic significance. They’re additionally a necessary piece of Jaipur’s rich culture. Therefore, this article will suggest some of the tourist places in Jaipur that you must visit.

What are the best tourist places in Jaipur?

Let’s check out the beauty of Jaipur tourism in this section.


tourist places in Jaipur

The Nahargarh Fort was built in 1734, and there are chilling stories of its history. It is accepted that the soul of sovereign Nahar Singh frequented development laborers and cursed on the fortification. This durable stronghold sits above the city. Moreover, it has an eatery that is a great spot to get a brew.

Amer Fort

tourist places in Jaipur

The Fort of Amer merits a visit due to its dazzling structure. Moreover, you can reach the highest point of the fortress. It will be an exciting elephant ride. Otherwise, you can reach there by jeep or any other vehicle through the slanting street. Local area experts charge approximately Rs. 200. You must note that enlisted aides will consistently carry an ID proof with them.

Jaigarh Fort

tourist places in Jaipur

History lovers will cherish looking at old photos of the previous royal states and perusing shield and the weapons used by the brave Rajput domain at the historical centers inside the fortress. The phenomenal Rajputs earlier utilized the well-known Jaivana gun in a fight. Moreover, you can find them at the Jaigarh Fort. The individuals who aren’t keen on visiting the historical center can stroll through the staggering nursery or peruse the stronghold’s astonishing design.

Moti Fort

The Moti Fort still looks tall and robust on the famous J. Nehru Marg in Jaipur. Encircled by some very tall trees, the fortress was previously a jail. It is presently under the responsibility of the imperial family. Section to the fortification is restricted. However, you can fetch a couple of snaps of the stronghold from outside.

Hawa Mahal

tourist places in Jaipur

Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh constructed the Hawa Mahal in 1799. Moreover, the excellent scene from the highest point of this notable mahal offers staggering perspectives on the City Palace, Sireh Deori Bazaar, and the Jantar Mantar.

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Jal Mahal

The term that rings a bell when you imagine the Jal Mahal is “Goodness.” It is so marvelous. Arranged in the Man Sagar, the post was remade by Jai Singh II. Moreover, the best ideal opportunity to visit is during the nights when the lights are bright and glimmering. The night sky makes this tourist spot even more attractive.

Jaipur City Palace

The Jaipur City Palace is a mix of castle structures from various ages developed in ordinary Rajput and Mughal compositional styles. A great spot to find out about Rajasthan’s excellent past. Moreover, you visit to investigate craftsmanship and engineering. For a customized insight, book a guide before you visit at the cost of Rs. 300.

tourist places in Jaipur- Royal Gaitor

The Royal Gaitor is a part of Nahargarh and famous for the cenotaphs of the multitude of illustrious sovereigns, including the mighty Jai Singh II. Every cenotaph is wonderfully cut with multifaceted engravings on it. Moreover, the best has a place with Jai Singh II. Plus, his cenotaph features 20 beautiful cut columns around it.

Ishwari Minar Swarg Sal

This minaret is undoubtedly one of the best tourist places in Jaipur. The main reason for its popularity is the unique shape of the minar. It was the creation of King Iswari, heir of Jai Singh II. Take the twisting pathway that prompts the highest point of the Ishwari minar to get staggering perspectives on Jaipur, basically the numerous shops at the Chandpole Market. Besides, the spot is extraordinary for all-encompassing photography. Picture takers will cherish the snaps from the highest point of this tower.

tourist places in Jaipur- Ganesh Pol

The Ganesh Pol location is at the passageway to the Fort of Amer. Legend says that Lord Ganesha secures any individual who goes through this spot. Moreover, there is one reason that this place gets numerous vacationers consistently. It is because this is an excellent place to click pictures. Therefore, don’t pass up on the opportunity to visit the Ganesh Pol.

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tourist places in Jaipur- Diwan-e-Khas

The Diwan-e-Khas or the Hall for Private Audience is the fundamental piece of the Jaipur City Palace. In an impressive lobby, you can find substantial silver containers and numerous different curios at this spot. Remember to look at the dazzling work of art on the dividers. Moreover, you will find a little cafe inside the premises, if you are hoping to relax in the middle of exploring the royal residence.

Panna Mian Ki Baoli

Local people consider this spot the Panna Mian Ki Baoli. Moreover, this is a fantastic stepwell that you will find close to the Amer Fort. This fortification has extraordinary engineering. The other name of the Panna Mian Ki Baoli is  Panna Meena ka Kund. It is mostly famous for the beautiful octagonal gazebos.

Jaipur Wax Museum

A little gallery, this spot has wax sculptures and reproductions of significant structures in the city. Moreover, the most interesting here is that each of the sculptures has a great foundation. You can’t click pictures inside the gallery, but you can indeed purchase some of them from the museum’s official photographer.

tourist places in Jaipur- Anokhi Museum


The Anokhi Museum of Jaipur focuses on Hand Printing. Moreover, it is situated inside a manor and contains hand and square printed materials and every related instrument. A portion of the devices in plain view go back to around 100 years.

Doll Museum

The Doll Museum is situated inside the Deaf and Dumb Compound that is near the SRC Museum of Indology. In plain view, there is an assortment of dolls wearing traditional clothing. While most dolls are wearing Indian clothing, there are not many dressed dresses from outside nations.

The names mentioned above are some of the best tourist places in Jaipur where people come from all over the world.

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