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what is the main cause of gout

If you are suffering from joint pains and wondering what is the main cause of gout then this article is going to very useful for you. Gout is similarly known as gouty arthritis. It can create when there the uric acid level increase in the body. Signs can be unexpected and serious, resulting in pain, ruby, and increasing in the invaded joints, utmost constantly the big toe.

Invasion happens most repeatedly at evening or in the deep midnight hours. If you neglect, sudden attacks can oversee joint deficiency and the developed constraint of activity. In today’s discussion, I will try to disclose what is the main cause of gout.

Extent the intensity of signs can differ, gout verges to growth in phases and to deteriorate over the period. By realizing and dealing with the signs early, you can prevent several of the long-term difficulties and enhance your prevailing integrity of life. Gout is an ordinary and complicated form of arthritis that can implicate anyone. It’s indicated by unexpected, serious outbreaks of pain, increasing, ruby and warmth in the joints.

Constantly the joint at the root of the big toe. An attack of gout can happen unexpectedly, mostly arising you up at the beginning or middle of the night with the irritation that your big toe is on sever pain. The invaded joint is heated, bloated and so mushy that just the pressure of the sheet on it may appear unbearable. Let’s find out what is the main cause of gout.


What is the main cause of gout

Generally, gout happens for an excess level of urate crystals in your joint, resulting in the epidemic and severe suffering of a gout invasion. Your body generates uric acid at the period it swivels purines elements that are created naturally in your body. The urate crystals can establish when you retain increased layers of uric acid in your blood sell. So we should know what is the main cause of gout.

Some specific foods also contain purines, such as seafood, red organ meats, steak, etc. Some other particular foods also boost increased notches of uric acids, such as beverages, soft drinks, alcohol, particularly beer, and liquids contain fruits sugar like fructose.

Generally, uric acid melts in your blood and expires through your kidneys into your urine. But few times either your body generates unnecessary uric acid and your kidneys dung limited uric acid. At the period this occurs, uric acid will pile up, constituting severe, unnecessary urate beakers in a combined or encircling tissue that reason suffering, epidemic and lump. The actual cause is in a build-up of an element named uric acid.

If you generate the extreme level of uric acid or your kidneys don’t purify enough out, it can accumulate and result in small strong crystals to shape in and around joints. These crystals can affect the joints to become puffy and painful. So this is very important to know what is the main cause of gout.

Aspects that may strengthen your possibilities of getting gout include:


  • Fatness, high blood pressure and diabetes
  • Blood connected someone who has gout
  • Kidney trouble
  • Having foods that effect and build-up large quantity uric acids, such as red meat, organ meat and seafood
  • Alcohol, beer or soft drinks


As noted above, pain and burning are the most usual signs of a gout invasion. The pain of grout is sometimes related as strong, beating, and chopping. The pain usually happens without warning. Even it can raise you up at midnight, or you might realize it initial thing in the morning.

When you got a gout invasion, the pain is continual, and the harshness of the pain can differ throughout the invasion. Although attacks normally last about three to four days, the pain is vastly serious within the early 24 hours after the attack starts. Later the pain moves away, you may detect some irritation in the invaded joint. This pain can last for a week or more. In extension to the discomfort, you may similarly note that the invaded joint is tough, swollen, warm, ruddy, and extremely tender. Those are symptoms of the breakout. 

For severe pain and epidemic, there are some other signs and symptoms of a gout attack you should take a glance.

For one joint pain

Your primary gout invasion normally impacts only 1 joint like ankle, big toe, or knee. But further joints also can be impacted. You can similarly expand gout in the insteps of the bottoms, heels, bends, fingers and wrists. If you retain better than one gout invasion, the joint that’s impacted on generally doesn’t alteration.

For instance, if you conserve a gout invasion in your toe, the second time you have an invasion, it will be inclined to be in that exact toe. Still, as you’ll survey nearly departed on, if gout becomes continual, more joints can become implicated. Some people got a fever during a gout invasion. The indications of gout practically often happen unexpectedly, and always at night. 

Severe joint pain

Generally, gout involves the vast linking of your vast toe. It also happens in different connection of our body especially bone joints. Other normally invaded joints contain the knees, ankles, wrists, fingers and elbows. After it starts the discomfort is liable to be the most serious at least first four to twelve hours.

Enduring pain 

Later the ample serious pain in the entire body, some joint pain may remain from periodic days to some weeks. After some days outbreaks are apt to remain extended and implicate more joints.

Redness and rash

This might be involved joint and it can fit swollen, warm, tender and red.

The particular range of activity

As gout advances, you probably not be eligible to proceed your joints generally.

Risk factors

You’re further liable to develop gout if you conserve increased layers of uric acid inside in your body. Conditions that enhance the uric acid level in your body involve:

Food habit

Consuming a diet heavy in flesh and seafood and drinking juices enhanced with fruit sugar upgrade levels of uric acid, that can enhance your chance of gout. Liquor consumption, mostly of beer, also expands the threat of gout.


If you’re bulky, your body generates a large amount of uric acid and your kidneys retain a more risky time eradicating uric acid.

Medical situations 

Specific syndromes and situations enhance your chance of gout. These comprise untreated high blood anxiety and constant situations such as metabolic syndrome, diabetes and heart and kidney conditions.

Current surgery or injury

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Sustaining current surgery or injury has been related to a raised risk of expanding a gout attack.


Gout can expand more-severe circumstances, especially the conditions which I mention below: 

Recurrent gout

Many people may never feel gout signs and symptoms also. Others will tolerate gout many times in a year. Drugs may help avoid gout attacks in person with recurrent gout. If anyone avoids treatment, gout can outcome deterioration and devastation of a joint.

Progressive gout

Without treatment, gout may result in residues of urate crystals to construct under the skin in toe-fie named tophi. Tophi can expand in different areas such as your hands, fingers, elbows, feet, or Achilles tendons along the ends of your ankles. Most of the time tophi aren’t uncomfortable, but they can serve surged and tender during gout invasions.

Stones in kidney

Urate crystals may gather in the urinary zone of people with gout, resulting in kidney stones. Treatments can enable to decrease the chance of kidney stones.


These dietary strategies may support to secure against what is the main cause of gout coming gout attacks when you have no symptoms.

  • You should drink the surplus of beverages. Keep up well-hydrated, containing a lot of water. Restrict how many enhanced beverages you consume, particularly those sweetened with high-fructose corn syrup.
  • You should take a limited amount of alcohol or its better if you avoid it. Discuss with your specialist about whether any quantity or kind of liquor is stable for you. Current indication implies that beer may be extremely like to gain the chance of gout symptoms, particularly for men.
  • Try to get your protein from low-fat dairy products. Low-fat dairy products can really have a defensive impact against gout. So these are your best protein inceptions.
  • Restrict your input of flesh, fish and chicken. A minor quantity may be acceptable, but expend tight awareness to what types of food and how much food don’t make any difficulties for you.
  • Try to keep perfect body weight. Select quantities that permit you to conserve a healthful weight. Less body weight may reduce uric acid levels in your body. But prevent fasting or immediate weight loss, as performing so may temporarily put up uric acid levels.

When to See a Physician

Not everybody with gout will suffer decomposing signs or require urate-lowering treatment. With that matter explained, if you avoid symptoms or decline to take activity to prevent attacks, you may end up affecting yourself long-term pain.

The people who have gout will think that the protracted scarcity of symptoms implies that the infection has spontaneously evaporated. This is not other than a myth. Unless the basic reason for high uric acid levels is monitored, the infection can progress silently and obtain forever pain.

For some advice on discussing with a medical specialist about your gout, utilize your physician discussion guideline. That can assist you to begin a discussion with your physician about symptoms, medication selections, and more. There are some significant reasons to go to the doctor.

  • When you got an attack for the first time. If medication is not specified, you might aid from lifestyle improvements to decrease the chance of future attacks. 
  • When your symptoms don’t enhance after 48 hours or ultimate for further than a week. If you are on treatment, this may be a reminder that remakes demand to be prepared, comprising dietary and lifestyle improvise.
  • When you have a high fever. Extent a gentle fever can support a gout attack, a high fever may be an indication of a disease.

Lifestyle and home remedies

Treatments are always the most beneficial way to care for acute gout and can avoid intermittent attacks of gout. Yet, creating specific lifestyle modifications similarly are vital, such as:

  • Restricting alcoholic beverages and soft drinks. Rather, drink a lot of nonalcoholic drinks, mainly water.
  • Restricting input of foods which are high in purines, such as red meat, organ meats and seafood.
  • Do exercise regularly and losing extra weight. Protecting your body at a healthful weight decreases your chance of gout.

Also, you can make healthy food habit. Some foods can also reduce the risk of gout. Specific foods have been researched for their capacity to lower uric acid levels, including coffee, foods full of vitamin C, cherries, low-fat food, etc. This foods also work so well. So you can try this kind of food also as a home remedy. So there is a short discussion about what is the main cause of gout.


  1. What causes gout?

Causes of gout:

Gout happens when urate crystals increase in your joint, affecting the epidemic and severe pain of a gout attack. Urate crystals can construct when you have high levels of uric acid in your blood. Your body stimulates uric acid when it cracks purines materials that are formed normally in your body.

  1. What are the symptoms of gout?

Gout symptoms

  1. It’s defined by sudden
  2. Terrible attacks of pain 
  3. Eruption,
  4. Redness and warmth in the joints
  5. Repeatedly the joint at the base of the big toe
  6. An attack of gout can happen suddenly, mostly it may wake you up in the midnight with the feeling that your big toe is going to burst.
  1. What is the treatment of gout?

Gout treatment

Treatments for gout

If you are attacked by gout the primary treatment is available. Reduce symptoms during an attack – this can be accomplished utilizing ice packs and by having prescriptions such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), colchicine or corticosteroids.

  1. What diets get rid of gout?

Gout Diet

  1. Low-fat foods
  2. Green fruits and vegetables.
  3. Nuts, peanut butter, and cereals.
  4. Healthy fat and oil.
  5. Potatoes, rice, bread, and pasta.
  6. Eggs


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